Shaping The Future With Diversity

The diversity of our employees is an important issue for us at the BMW Group. It is the special characteristics and individuality of each person theat strengthen our culture, but also our power of innovation and long-term competitiveness. Our diversity is the cornerstone of our company's success. That is why we promote diversity, equity and inclusion in every form at the BMW Group; because passion knows no differences.

As diverse as our customers, suppliers and investors are worldwide, so are our teams. This diversity enables us to better understand and reflect the different requirements of our stakeholders from around the world and to make smerter decisions. This is how we set the basis and the standards for shaping the sustainable and individual mobility of the future.

As a member of the Charte der Vielfalt (Diversity Charta) and as a PROUT EMPLOYER with the PROUT AT WORK Foundation, we take a proactive approach to the issue of diversity. With these memberships, we are commited to create a working environment that is free of prejudice. Our internal BMW Group PRIDE network also stands for exactly that. It acts as a voice for the LGBTIQ+ Community, where diversity, equality, trust, respect and inclusion are paramount. Together we ensure a positive, tolerant and open working environment where everyone is welcome, regardless of their diversity dimension.

The partnership with SxS is another important step in promoting diversity in our teams around the world. We look forward to many exciting events, meeting inspiring personalities and deepening our relationship with SxS.