DEIB, beyond a buzzword

Diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging are not just buzzwords for us at DHL Consulting; we are committed to creating a workplace where everyone knows that they belong. Since we were founded twenty years ago, we have come a long way from being a fully German and majority-male team to a diverse team with people from all walks of life. That has meant taking action across four key areas:

1) Unconscious bias training

Unconscious bias is a phenomenon where individuals are influenced by their own inherent prejudices and stereotypes without even being aware of it. This type of bias can lead to discriminatory hiring, promotion, and performance management practices.

We initiated unconscious bias training for every team member to help employees recognize and address their own biases and identify potential biases in the workplace.

2) An internal DEIB taskforce

We believe that change doesn’t happen without impetus. To get DEIB on our agenda and keep it there, we created an internal taskforce committed to gathering feedback on our team diversity, initiating events and highlighting current issues on diversity such as culture, gender parity, and LGBTQIA+ issues – they’ve even won awards for specific initiatives such as our #BLM taskforce in 2020.

Our DEIB team also creates connections within Deutsche Post DHL Group, so our team can get involved with Group-wide initiatives such as the Rainbow Network, the company employee

network for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer employees founded in 2008. Last year, we joined DPDHL for their first year participating officially in the Cologne Pride, and we’ll be there again this summer with an even bigger team!

3) Culture Days

Another initiative we have implemented, enthusiastically welcomed by our DHL Consulting employees, is Culture Days. Having a culture day every other month brings a multitude of benefits: First and foremost, it creates an inclusive environment where people from diverse backgrounds feel welcomed and valued. By sharing the history of their country of origin and openly talking about the stereotypes and misrepresentations that are associated with their country, other employees gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the diversity that exists within the workplace. This, in turn, promotes empathy, respect, and understanding, which are crucial components of a healthy work environment. Additionally, sharing special foods and cuisines from their hometowns allows colleagues to experience the richness and variety of distinct cultures, which can be a fun and enjoyable way to bond and build relationships. For us, culture day is another excellent opportunity to celebrate diversity, foster inclusion, and promote cultural awareness and understanding at DHL Consulting.

4) Guest speakers and experience sharing

Our DEIB team has a full program working to maintain and improve our inclusive work

environment, but here we’ll highlight one of our more recent initiatives that we believe is crucial and has great impact - our DEIB guest speaker series.

Every month, we invite speakers to share their experiences, answer questions and spread the word about the causes they are committed to. Our last talk featured Michelle Moorhead, DHL Supply Chain Diversity and Inclusion Program Coordinator. Michelle’s story of being a member of the LGBTQI+ community at DHL UK was an inspiring reminder of the importance of creating a work environment that is open and welcoming to people from all backgrounds. She gave us some great takeaways including:

  • To truly be mindful of each other’s experiences, team members should read about LGBTQIA+ issues and be aware of how people might be affected by them.
  • Think about the language used at work and be mindful when having conversations on these sensitive topics.
  • Speak up if you hear people making derogatory remarks.

And for young people considering coming out at work, Michelle’s message was to:

  • Prioritize your mental health.
  • Seek support from allies, mentors, and employee resource groups.
  • Share your experiences with your colleagues.

Overall, it was a message of working together to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment because everyone deserves to feel safe and accepted at work, regardless of their cultural background, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We couldn’t agree more and are looking forward to welcoming our next guest speakers in a few days time.

If you want to learn more about diversity at DHL Consulting, visit our webpage: https://dhl-