Help us take the digital travel experience to the next level

Lufthansa Group Digital Hangar brings the digital travel experience to the next level. We serve as a digital transformation hub for the Lufthansa Group and bring together experts from various fields to explore new technologies and ideas. From artificial intelligence and machine learning to Big Data and automation, the Digital Hangar is the digital pulse of innovation in the aviation industry with its offices in Germany, Poland, Switzerland, and Austria. Our mission is simple: to make our customers happy by connecting physical, human and digital experiences.

While we are driving digital innovation in air travel, we are committed to building a diverse and inclusive ecosystem within our organization. Our people are our greatest success and the most important factor driving the company forward. We value equal opportunities and transparency and hire people from different backgrounds of all ages, origins, sexual orientations, gender expressions, abilities, and faiths. We are committed to providing equal payment and benefits to everyone and creating no gaps in diversity. Through mentoring programs and equal access to opportunities, we strive to empower each other and ensure that everyone has a chance to succeed. Our employees bring together more than 20 different nationalities among all continents.

As an employer, we care about our people and offer our support. We encourage everyone to maintain a healthy work-life balance and offer flexible working hours. By offering workation and attractive flight benefits, we aim to foster our employees’ sense of adventure and curiosity and encourage them to broaden their horizons. We support our employees worldwide with our relocation packages. Continuous training and development opportunities go hand-in-hand with the latest digital technologies and industry trends.

Of course, we are not perfect yet, and we are still building our organization; but we are aware that together we can outgrow our limits and build a diverse ecosystem. We strongly believe that everyone must be treated equally, and we encourage people from all walks of life to apply for our positions. Join us and become part of our creative and vibrant team spirit! Join us and take the digital side of the aviation industry to the next level.

The sky is the limit? Let’s push for it!