Driving Inclusivity in the Tech & Consulting Scene

Beyond a good paycheck and opportunities for career progression, most of us nowadays hope to pass through a workplace that is truly inclusive and respectful of dierent identities and their interlinking intersections. The list of articles and stats that postulate that workspaces with diverse opinions, identities and backgrounds positively impact the bottom line is ever-increasing. So why is it taking so long for workspaces to grasp and truly embody this? Perhaps, the answer to this lies in how we are approaching and enforcing Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity (DEI) in the workspace.

Changing tides, demanding change, demands changing!?

Millennials and Gen Z are pushing back against traditional workspaces, working modes and policies. This contemporary buzz pushes for corporates to actively invest in creating inclusive and diverse workspaces, products and policies. However, this has also led to investments (unintentional or otherwise...) in deceptive marketing campaigns, like greenwashing and pinkwashing, that allow companies to falsely position their brands as inclusive and diverse. Unsurprisingly though, these “washed campaigns" work in contradiction to DEI eorts by enabling companies to reap the benefits of “allyship” whilst contributing zero initiatives and policies that promote positive impacts within minority communities. This, in the long-term, doesn’t foster genuine DEI and once the curtains are down, employees see through the facade and opt to leave. So how do we/ MVP Factory go about DEI?

More than rainbow flag avatars and gender-neutral bathrooms:

We have designated an internal body that creates tangible, measurable actions and initiatives around themes of diverse and intersectional identities at MVP Factory. This includes initiating

and organising targeted Learning & Development (L&D) DEI sessions on a company-wide level. The DEI task force (Dtf) is also a trusted confidant for our sta that may want to address issues around and aecting identity. Dtf holds our management team and employees accountable to ensure that we can continuously model our workspace to suit and represent the world we operate in. Overall, MVP Factory’s Dtf strives to ensure that we do not fall victim to falsely endorsing an inclusive work environment that doesn’t actually follow through in meeting its objectives.

But are we done yet, is that it? - Far from it!

At MVP Factory, both our vision, existing to drive digitization through smart services, TALENTS and technologies, and our mission, empowering both enterprises and ENTREPRENEURS, are heavily people-centric. This has inevitably led to our DEI strategies and goals having defined beginnings but an open end - for us, it is a continuous process from which we continue to learn from and grow towards. Hence, at our second partnership with SXS, we are eager to meet you all and connect in order to continue learning and evolving.