Inclusivity & Diversity at MVP Factory – SXS here we come

At MVP Factory, our commitment to becoming Europe’s leading digital product and venture builder lies beyond our ability to pair the right teams to our clients, it comes from fostering a culture of visibility, entrepreneurship and safety within which our teams can operate in our hybrid workspace. Since 2017, our teams have been a knowledge base, taking ownership of the entire digital product and venture life cycle and identifying, innovating and building high impact and

value ventures and digital products for our clients across a myriad of industries and sectors. Partnering with SXS is another step towards empowering our teams and centering their wellbeing as we continue to grow together and build teams that are representative of the world we live in.

This June, together with SXS, we will be taking our commitment to our teams a step further from the neatly worded sentences in our company code of conduct. We will be on the scene with an exhibition space, showcasing what makes us stand out, sharing and meeting with the communities we serve and celebrate. We’re eager to meet you there, answer your questions, and hopefully show you that, while we might not be unicorns, we definitely know how to prioritise the wellbeing, happiness and growth of our employees and translate their skills and

ambitions into value for our products, partners and clients..

Diversity and inclusion are two interchangeable concepts, and while we’re fully aware that we may fit some of the stereotypes of tech companies and consulting, inclusivity and diversity stand at the core of everything we do. Our business outlook, our innovation, and our happiness at work wouldn’t be possible without the wealth of diversity our people bring into their work on a daily basis. From client projects to decision making processes, we want to be able to hear and

understand how to be a flagship company for inclusion in a way that not only our internal work is shaped but also our clients and the way they continue to work after collaborating with us are long lastingly impacted. Making that a reality has only been possible by humbling ourselves, listening to and learning from the experiences of those who have been “othered”.

Our partnership with SXS goes beyond the appeal for more inclusion, or the traction that comes with appearing more diverse and inclusive. It comes from an understanding that we live in a society with a long history of exclusion, and that this history is very much alive and active in everyday behaviours and structures. We are committed to contributing to a more inclusive tech and consulting scene in Berlin and while we stand for equal opportunity, we strive for diversity. We strongly encourage women, neurodivergent people, people of colour, and LGBTQ(+) people of all gender identities to apply and shape MVP Factory with us.

We therefore invite you to come by our booth and interact with our teams, and we hope you like what you find. We’re excited to meet you, to learn more, and to understand how we can actively choose to do better and be better— because our people are the single greatest asset we have.