ACTIVE SOURCING - list of candidates


The list of candidates is one of the most used and effective package services of SXS to increase your recruiting success at the fair. We collect contact information and search criteria from our visitors in advance (500+ datasets in 2022) and use them for active sourcing and recommendations.

Active Sourcing

Get access to hundreds of records of the STICKS & STONES audience in the run-up to the event, select suitable candidates and invite them directly to an interview at your booth by e-mail. This way you can actively promote your participation among the SXS job seekers and generate prospects who did not have you on their radar before in their job search. Note on timing: Since we receive most ticket registrations and data uploads just before the show, we can only give you access shortly before the fair, i.e. about 2-3 weeks before.


We will send you the candidates' data in the form of a .csv table, in which on the one hand all contact details and links to the CVs shared with us by the candidates are stored, and in which on the other hand the following categories can be found, according to which you can filter:

  • Education degree
  • Industry
  • Department
  • Work location
  • Work location model (remote vs. on site)
  • Form of employment
  • Working time model
  • Language

You do not have to search through hundreds of files, but can use the filters to find the people who match your requirements and then take further details from the CVs. We recommend that you make this preselection and address the candidates specifically and personally in your e-mail. Your invitation to an interview at your booth should be specific and binding. You should avoid sending a mass e-mail to all addresses, inviting them to the fair in general and referring to your stand/lecture or similar. If you do not receive any response from individual candidates, we recommend that you send a follow-up e-mail to the relevant person shortly before the event (2-3 days beforehand).


Open the data/import it into a spreadsheet program.

If you're using Numbers, a single click on the document will do the trick - it will automatically display correctly.

It's a bit trickier with Excel and Google Spreadsheets, for which we recommend the following resources:

Searching and filtering

Different spreadsheet programs have more or less different workflows regarding the elementary operations "Search" & "Filter", which we can't show here completely. You can find corresponding tutorials on Youtube.

At this point we only want to point out that the input of single and multiple answers differs. For example, the question about the highest educational degree per person is limited to one value ("bachelor" OR "diplom" OR "realschulabschluss" etc.), while the question about industries allows multiple answers. There, no single value appears, but a list of values.

Which question field corresponds to which data type, and which answer options were given per question, can be seen in the legend. Adjust your search & filter strategies accordingly.

Learn more about candidates

Once you've spotted interesting candidates, you can access their resume or LinkedIn / Xing profile via the link they shared for more details.

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