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Berlin, Pakistan.

Remote work is possible.

Company languages
German, English
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Prinzenstraße 34

10969 Berlin, Germany

Contact person

Lorna Queenie Leku

About us

We're not consultants, we're builders of digital products and ventures whose work goes beyond simply "fixing" software development. Ours is a mission and vision to use smart talents, technologies and services to create products and ventures that serve the needs of the end user and in so doing we not only drive digitisation but empower enterprises and entrepreneurs. Collectively, our team includes people with backgrounds across the StartUp scene, software sourcing and design agencies as well as management consulting.

We are a hybrid and liquid workforce that works with freelancers and actively combine on-site and remote work.

Why we are a partner of STICKS & STONES

This would be our second collaboration with SXS and we were even more excited about signing up than we were the first time around!

Our partnership with SXS is a reflection of our commitment to creating and maintaining a workspace that is representative of the world that we live in. It's not just an opportunity to show our employer brand and why joining our team would be a stellar idea, it's also a chance for us to meet, greet, connect and learn from the communities that we support and that represent our teams.

Career opportunities
  • Internships
  • Working student
  • Direct entry
  • Young Professionals
  • Senior Professionals
  • Executive
We are currently looking for

We're looking for talents across our various functions in Product Management, Venture Building and Operations. Beyond CV's and previous career exploits, we are also looking for an expanded network from which we can network with, learn and grow.

We offer these LGBTIQ+ related measures and services in our company
  • LGBTIQ+ Diversity Management, Protection against LGBTIQ+ discrimination in the Code of Conduct or similar.
  • Sanctions in case of discrimination against LGBTIQ+
  • No gender-specific dress codes
  • Gender-inclusive language in official internal communications
  • Use of new first names possible before official change of personal status (for door signs, email addresses, etc.)
  • Training for employees on how to deal with sexual and gender diversity
  • Confidential support in the coming-out process
  • Measures to reduce prejudices and fears towards HIV-positive employees
  • Gender-neutral restrooms
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