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Our global SumUp Networks empower different communities (women, caregivers, neurodiversity, different ethnicities and age) to gather, connect, discuss, celebrate, and act on what they’re passionate about. Our LGBTQ+ SumUppers are represented by three global Networks. “PrideClub” is our European community for LGBTQIA+ inclusion which aims to support queer SumUppers and allies with different educational initiatives.


Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne, Sofia, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Dublin, London, Milan, Paris, Vilnius, Warsaw

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Koppenstraße 8, 10243 Berlin

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Tsvetan Tsvetanov

About us

We believe that every business should have access to affordable, easy-to-use payment solutions, no matter their size. Back in 2012, SumUp was founded by a small team with one goal in mind – to create a world where small business owners can be successful doing what they love. Today, over 3 million businesses rely on SumUp to get paid. We’re a truly global fintech company, with over 3000+ people from 83 nationalities, spread across 22 offices on 5 continents. We give access to financial services to the millions of businesses that are considered too small for most providers. They’re as much as 10 times smaller than the smallest businesses that would be targeted by banks and traditional providers. What started out as one card reader has now turned into a range of readers, multiple remote payment solutions such as Invoices, Gift Cards, Payment Links and so much more.

Why we are a partner of STICKS & STONES

At SumUp, Diversity & Inclusion matter to us. We’re committed to building a culture where everyone feels belong. We want to create a culture where we can learn from and support each other. We’re not perfect and there’s still work to do, but we’re embracing this rewarding journey together. Driven by our value “We Care”, we strive to create a culture where everyone feels safe, supported and appreciated – no matter how they identify. We support our global LGBTQ+ community, which represents 18% of our population. We're also proud that 1% of SumUppers identify as Transgender, and 1% as non-binary. With our participation in STICKS & STONES 2022, we want to celebrate our community and commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion. We are excited to connect and network with diverse candidates and talk about SumUp and our career opportunities.

Career opportunities
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  • Senior Professionals
We are currently looking for

We’re a company that’s beginning to mature. We’re looking for open-minded people who share our values: “We care” about each other and love what we do, put the “Team first”, and take ownership to drive change with a “Founder’s Mentality”. You should join us if you want to make a great impact and be your true self at work. We have roles to suit a diverse range of backgrounds and career levels, from product and engineering to sales and marketing.

We offer these LGBTIQ+ related measures and services in our company
  • LGBTIQ+ Diversity Management
  • Protection against LGBT+ discrimination in the Code of Conduct or similar.
  • Sanctions in case of discrimination against LGBTIQ+
  • No gender-specific dress codes
  • Participation in queer public events (CSD/pride/queer street festivals/etc.)
  • Gender-inclusive language in official internal communications
  • Use of new first names possible before official change of personal status (for door signs, email addresses, etc.)
  • Training for employees on how to deal with sexual and gender diversity
  • Program for allies, e.g., an ambassador program or other measures to promote allyship (allies are supporters of the LGBTIQ+ community)
  • Gender-neutral restrooms

STICKS & STONES ist ein Projekt der UHLALA Group. Seit 2009 unterstützen wir die LGBTIQ+ Menschen auf ihrem Karriereweg und bringen diese mit Unternehmen und Organisationen zusammen, die sich ihre LGBTIQ+ Diversity einsetzen.

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