Welcome JUNIORS !

Dear exhibitors, we carefully set up this portal to provide you with all the important information and deadlines for STICKS & STONES. The portal is intended to be the first point of contact for all your questions and to ensure a smooth and carefree organization of the fair.

Disclaimer: Please note that the deadlines we communicate here are binding. If these deadlines are not met, we cannot guarantee that the services in your package will be fully provided. For example, if we receive your exhibitor profile too late, this will delay publication on our website. We cannot refund for missed deadlines.








Set-up day, 19.01.2024 

  • 12pm - 8pm: Set-up must take place on this day and is not possible on the day of the event. IMPORTANT: No empty cardboard boxes or other packaging material may be stored in the exhibition hall.
  • Evening: Get-Together of exhibitors (see below for more information.). 

Please note: There is a power connection at your booth. However, this will probably not be ready until the evening of the set-up day. 

Day of the event, 20.01.2024

  • 9am - 10am: Admission
  • 10am - 5pm: Fair operation
  • 5pm - 10pm: Dismantling

All materials must be taken away. Storage in the location for a later pickup is not possible. 

IMPORTANT: We would like to inform you that dismantling before the end of the official fair time is not allowed due to security and insurance reasons.



Navigation: Schanzenstraße 40, 51063 Cologne, Germany

Car up to 2,00m height

Coming from Schanzenstraße, please drive to the back of the building. At the barrier please identify yourselves with your exhibitor name inform the person that you are coming to the STICKS & STONES exhibition setup. Due to the limited delivery zone, please allow for possible waiting times.


Navigation: Parking lot „Carlwerkstraße“, Schanzenstraße 39a, 51063 Cologne, Germany  

After a short time of loading and unloading, please park your vehicle in the free parking lot P3 in Carlswerkstraße. You can reach this by driving along Schanzenstraße to the end and turning right there.


For the SXS Cologne '24 we clarify all logistic questions via "Smart Global Logistics GmbH". 

David Engels will be happy to answer all your questions regarding delivery & collection of your booth, temporary storage, provision of personnel & equipment and other logistical needs. A complete overview of all logistics services offered, as well as the respective rates can be found here:

Please note: Direct delivery of your shipments via courier to your booth can only be carried out safely and without problems if one of your employees is on site to accept the shipment on the date of arrival. Shipments by courier can also be addressed to David Engels - in this case, a booth delivery will be made on the scheduled date and will be charged according to the freight forwarding rate.


Only scheduled deliveries are available on Friday, Jan. 19, 2024 between the hours of 10am - 4pm. 

Delivery address for packages: 

Köln Event Veranstaltungsgesellschaft mbH, Palladium 

Attn Ms. Trattmann 

STICKS & STONES 20.01.2024 // Name exhibitor + booth number 

Schanzenstraße 40 

51063 Cologne 

IMPORTANT: Your package can only be accepted if:

  • each one is correctly labeled 
  • the delivery takes place within the above mentioned period of time 
  • the package can be easily transported by one person (without a trolley, lift truck or similar).

Please send the completed and signed form to order catering, our picture service or additional badges to by 30.11.23.


Furniture is not included in your package. You can order this separately using the following form. Please return the completed form to the address indicated on it by 4.1.24. 


When planning your booth, please pay attention to the size of the booth space you have chosen. In order to keep the escape route clear, the booth structures and the furniture (incl. roll-ups) must not protrude beyond the boundaries under any circumstances (not even 5 cm). Furthermore, your booth system must not exceed the specified overall height of 2.50 m!

The standard booth sizes, provided you have not specified a different size in the registration form, are as follows, depending on the package (width x depth): 

Beginner: 1×2 m 

Junior: 2×2 m 

Senior: 3×2 m 

Executive: 3×3 m 

Chief Executive: 5×4 m 

One electrical outlet will be provided for each booth. Multiple power distribution boards must be brought by yourself if needed.

Please note as follows:

  • To avoid damage and soiling caused by adhesive residue, use only adhesive tape that does not leave any residue. 
  • Transport aids on wheels require rubber tires. 
  • The serving of food and beverages is prohibited. 
  • Permission must be obtained for special equipment. 
  • Equipment that creates an odor nuisance (e.g. popcorn machines) is prohibited. 
  • Decorating with or dispensing air or gas-filled balloons is prohibited for safety reasons.
  • The hall itself has a smooth concrete floor. A carpet or similar is not necessary for your booth setup, but is recommended. The exhibition carpet must be B1 flame retardant. Certificates should usually be available from the manufacturer or rental company.
  • There is an LED hall light. Of course you are allowed to bring additional lights for your booth.

Here you can find the site plan with all booth locations.


Our kick-off calls took place on 12.10.23 and 13.10.23.

You can watch the recording here:


Tips and tricks for your SXS booth management:

Dear exhibitors,

We would like to give you a few tips on how to deal with visitors for your participation in the fair. 


  1. Please do not try to determine a person's gender based on their appearance. When talking about a person whose pronoun you do not know, ideally formulate the sentence in a gender-neutral way, e.g. instead of she or he, you can talk about "the person". 
  2. Please add pronouns to your booth attendant's name tags and make these individuals aware of pronouns as well. This shows awareness and ensures proper interaction with all visitors. 
  3. Please sensitize your booth staff to different gender identities and gender expressions before the fair.

To help you, we have compiled information material here:


Introduction LGBTIQ+ terminology - gender identity, sexual orientation, gender.

The Genderbread Person

Introduction Acronym LGBTIQ+:

L - Lesbian

G - Gay

B - Bisexual

T - Trans

I - Inter

Q - Queer

General info on gender identity non-binary:


Proudr LGBTIQ+ After Work x STICKS & STONES“ on 19.1.24. This unique Get-Together not only creates networking opportunities, but also offers the perfect way to get into the right mood for STICKS & STONES. Further information and free tickets here:


Julia will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the organization of the fair:


phone: +49(0)170-703 12 83.




In order to be listed on the exhibitors page, please submit your logo here (if you have not already done so for the SXS in Berlin and already appear on this page).



You have the possibility to access data and CVs of SXS visitors, to filter interesting profiles and to write to suitable candidates in advance of the event and invite them to your booth. For more information on the objectives and procedures of this popular and much-used package service, please refer to our guide: Active Sourcing - Candidate List.

In order to get access to the candidate list, we need a signed confidentiality agreement from you: Please send us the signed form, which contains provisions for the use of the data, back by 07.11.23.



We will place your company logo exclusively on the SXS goodie bag, which we will given to our visitors. Please send us your logo (in white, high resolution, as vector graphic with transparent background) using the following form:



For the job wall at the Palladium, please send us your job advertisements by post to below address. We need them printed on paper; one A4 page per ad. We have had good experience with QR codes and the booth number on the advertisements. 

Here are more tips for job postings on the job wall:

  • Font size: the title and content of the job posting should be quickly apparent.
  • No lengthy full text! Rather bullet point, precise details about the job posting.
  • Avoid small, detailed graphics if possible. It is often difficult to see them on the job wall.
  • Good print quality: the ad should be easily recognizable even at a distance of 1.5 meters.
  • Good paper quality: use a strong paper to prevent the display from curling up in higher humidity.
  • If possible, let the text start below the header. We hang the job ads with staples, and the header could be obscured. 


Depending on the package you can send us the following number: 

Chief Executive - 9 | Executive - 6 | Senior - 4 | Junior - 2 


Shipping address: 

Uhlala GmbH

c/o Unicorn Workspaces

Gerichtstrasse 51

13347 Berlin

YOUR TALK AT SXS (if booked)


All Chief Executive packages include a talk as part of our speaker program. All other packages have the option to add a talk. Are you giving a presentation? Then follow our guidelines and submit your information via our speaker form:


How do booth staff receive their tickets?

As soon as you arrive in the hall on the set-up day, you will come across our registration counter. There you will receive all exhibitor passes, catering wristbands and an info sheet to hand out to your colleagues.

What is the CV Database?

The visitors have the possibility to deposit their CV and career data digitally when buying their ticket. 2 - 3 weeks before the fair you will get access to the database. You can filter the data according to the following criteria: Educational qualification, industry, company sector, location, work location model, work time model, form of employment, company size, language. This gives exhibitors the opportunity to invite specific visitors to their stand and draw attention to their company and its vacancies. 

How does the contacting of candidates work?

The database can be used to invite suitable candidates to your booth by sending them a short e-mail and drawing their attention to your company and the match. If there is no response, we recommend sending a follow-up mail 2 - 3 days before the fair.

Do you have any unanswered questions that could potentially be relevant for other exhibitors? Are you missing some central organizational information? Post your question here so that we can include it and the corresponding answer in the FAQ in the partner portal. 

STICKS & STONES is a project by UHLALA Group. Since 2009, we have been supporting, promoting and connecting LGBTIQ+ people in their careers and bringing them together with companies and organisations that appreciate their LGBTIQ+ employees.

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