Lavina Dsouza

Business Analyst, Entrepreneur, Creator @Continent Hop


Lavina is an Analyst, Entrepreneur and the founder of which strives to inspire professionals to invest in immersive travel and make the most of their limited holidays while ensuring they get to explore the world no matter how short the duration.In addition to being a content creator she is also a freelance writer, photographer and mentor to numerous women, helping them to start working remotely while working full-time.

To empower women she met on her travels, she set up, a space for South Asian women to share their stories about breaking free from norms and to inspire others to never give up. She's also been to 52 countries across 5 continents, while working full-time. She has been nominated for various awards including one by Saveur magazine for her expertise in food, culture and travel and has worked with numerous brands like Intrepid Travel, Skyscanner, TripAdvisor to help them get the most from their marketing campaigns.

She's also been featured by Lonely Planet and the Times of India to name a few and has appeared on television to talk about blogging and working as an influencer.


Online stream

As a POC and an Analyst with more than a decade of experience, who's worked for multinational companies and strives for inclusion, I'd love to share the exact steps of what someone needs to do when finding and applying for a job online in the techinical sector. I will mention the exact steps you need to implement once you've decided to relocate, find jobs, research the culture and connect with the people there. As a creator I will also share, how you can start/continue to have a side hustle along the way. The biggest takeaways from my talk/workshop will be a blueprint that one can follow irrespective of the country they plan to move to, make sure the job they pick and apply to is a good fit and enjoy being at the workplace.

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STICKS & STONES is a project by UHLALA Group. Since 2009, we have been supporting, promoting and connecting LGBTIQ+ people in their careers and bringing them together with companies and organisations that appreciate their LGBTIQ+ employees.

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