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The ECB Rainbow Network is the professional network for the ECB’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. The network was established in 2015 and consists of ECB staff members who meet regularly and seek to raise awareness and promote inclusion of LGBT employees at the ECB.

Frankfurt am Main.
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About us

The ECB is the central bank for Europe’s single currency, the euro, and has two main tasks. First, we aim for stable prices in the euro area. We do this by setting the short-term interest rate and by working closely with the national central banks of countries that have adopted the euro. Stable prices are important for people and businesses to feel secure in making plans to invest for the future. Second, we supervise banks in the euro area. We do this by working together with national supervisors to review how banks conduct their activities and ensure rules are applied in the same way across Europe. This makes the banking sector more stable and trustworthy for people and companies.

Why we are a partner of STICKS & STONES

The ECB aspires to be an organisation in which diversity is welcomed and appreciated in all its facets for the richness that it offers. Enabling diversity is vital for our institution to deliver the best possible outcome for our staff and for Europe. We therefore aspire to be a place where everybody – regardless of their gender, gender identity and/or sexual orientation – feels free to bring their full selves to work. In this regard, sexual orientation is one of the diversity facets on which we focus our attention, so we are delighted to be a partner of STICKS & STONES this year.

Career opportunities
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We are currently looking for

We are looking for talented people in a broad range of areas and with diverse educational backgrounds, for example banking supervision, communication, economics, legal, IT, human resources, etc. Most of all, we are looking for open-minded and enthusiastic Europeans who are eager to work for Europe and enrich the ECB with their perspectives and contributions. Check out our current vacancies on our career website.

We offer these LGBT+ related measures and services in the company
  • LGBT+ Diversity Management
  • No gender-specific dress codes
  • Participation in queer public events (CSD/pride/queer street festivals/etc.)
  • Training for employees on how to deal with sexual and gender diversity

The ECB’s Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) team’s efforts for a more inclusive working culture focus on several facets of diversity, including sexual orientation. In addition to what is listed above, the ECB has conducted unconscious bias training for managers which cover LGBT+ aspects, organises speaker events open to all staff to raise awareness on topics of sexual orientation, and has raised the rainbow flags at our premises since 2017 to mark IDAHOT (celebrated annually on 17th of May). In addition to that, HR exchanges regularly with the ECB’s Rainbow Network to identify actions to support the needs of all LGBT+ colleagues at the ECB.

STICKS & STONES is a project by UHLALA Group. Since 2009, we have been supporting, promoting and connecting LGBTIQ+ people in their careers and bringing them together with companies and organisations that appreciate their LGBTIQ+ employees.

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